Today is Children's Day Painting Happy Children's Day!

by xiaoliang on June 01, 2020

Today is Children's Day Painting Happy Children's Day! Mary Cassatt (Mary Cassatt) is one of the most famous children's theme painters, she is also an American artist working in Paris. In 1886, when Cassat exhibited the painting at the eighth and final Impressionist exhibition, her reputation as a mother and child painter was established. For a long time, she has been praised by critics for having the ability to portray characters in a gentle but not sad way. They said: "Oh, my God! Look at these babies! Those portraits make me stand up again and again. Goosebumps! A group of British and French slanderers often paint them so stupid and pretentious! Thanks to Miss Cassatt, I saw the charming portraits of the children for the first time, and the calm scene was full of very charming and exquisite Tenderness. ”Cassatt ’s focus on limited themes and scope allowed her to experiment with the fusion of slightly formal elements in the painting. We can find that in many of her works after 1883, she showed an interest in Japanese prints and their production process, and some signs can also be found in this "Children Playing on the Beach". In this work, Cassatt deliberately cropped the scene, tilted the picture forward, and reduced the number of objects in the background, focusing people's attention on the two little girls who dig sand. They concentrated on their own affairs, reflecting the naturalistic attitude prevailing in art and literature at that time. It can be seen from some aspects of this painting that this is the memory and tribute of Cassatt to the beloved sister Lydia who died in 1882. Lydia ’s death made Cassate so sad that she did n’t paint for six months. Cassat did not disclose the identity of the little girl, but showed them in a hinted way that they were related. The girls are comfortable with each other when playing together. Cassatt made them sit side by side in almost identical clothes, establishing a harmonious composition and psychological relationship between the two. Note:  to see famous painters and their children. We think Joshua Reynolds is the cutest, come to find out him Painting


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