The Pearl Mosque windingart famous painting

by xiaoliang on June 02, 2020

famous painting

    The Pearl Mosque (Moti Masjid in Urdu) is located in the Red Fort in Delhi. The Crimson Fort, built in 1648, blends the architectural styles of India, Persia, and Europe, and is still one of India's most iconic monuments. The Pearl Mosque was built-in 1659 as the private mosque of Emperor Olangzeb. This is a relatively small mosque surrounded by the high walls of the Red Fort, constructed of white marble, with a spherical dome and a spire that was once wrapped in gold-plated copper.


    The original title of "The Pearl Mosque at Delhi" is "The Private Mosque of The Great Moguls in The Palace of Delhi", which is An important work of the Russian   painter Vasily Vereshchagin in the 19th century. Vereshchagin is a naval soldier of the Russian Empire Army and a talented realist  painter . His depictions of historical and contemporary war scenes have won praise from all over the world. He traveled around and was one of the first Russian painters whose works were recognized abroad. Although Vereshkin’s most famous work is mainly depicting war, his skills are also well demonstrated in this extremely peaceful work, which is considered to be the most successful work of his trip to India.

    Vereshchagin visited the Pearl Mosque during his visit to India and was attracted by the white marble wall space and solemn lighting effects. In th


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