The origin of Heroic realism

by xiaoliang on May 11, 2020

    Heroic realism is a professional term that describes the art and graphic creativity as a propaganda plan. For example, the socialist social realism style related to the Communist social parties and its very similar artistic style related to Fascism. Its characteristics are easy to distinguish from its name; realism and the characterization of characters as idealized types, heroes or representatives are often rejected by the establishment of realism.
    The realistic design of heroic realism was used to spread the Soviet reform in Lenin's time. Both socialist social art and German Nazi art are established as heroes and realism, so they are all idealists rather than realists in terms of way and style.

a group of people looking at a book

To Recap, the main characteristics of the Heroic Realism graphic design style are…

  • realistic imagery
  • usually featuring one person
  • promoting an ideal
  • strong message in the text
  • clear, bold font

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