The origin of Early Modern Style Graphic Design

by xiaoliang on May 09, 2020

    Early modernism was a time when artists and designers broke from tradition to create a new style of design which would influence all artists and designers around the world. Early modern artists were described as new or experimental, as they changed the way others saw design and art.
    Following on from some of the ideals of the Italian Futurists the Bauhaus was creating a new design philosophy, putting a design’s function before its form and rebelling against tradition in preference of anything new and different. This style became known as “modern” and was the start of the rebelling against tradition that has carried through time influencing all the other art and design styles of the world.

a close up of a sign

To Recap, the main characteristics of the Early Modern graphic design style are…

  • geometrically based
  • minimalistic approach
  • clean type
  • more photos, less illustrations

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